Chedet: 6 Years of Blogging



Format: ePub
Compatible: iBook on iPhone, iPad, Mac and other ePub readers of other devices/Desktop PC and Tablets
Size: 28MB
Language: English and Malay
Period: May 2008 to   Dec 2013

Contents :2008-2013
Number of Posts : 591
Number of comments published: 115,925
Registered Users: 4454




This is an  updated version of chedet eBook that contains all articles and comments in his blog since he started writing in May 2008. It has gathered over 12 millions visitors since then. It contains 583 posts and received 115,495 comments on all Tun’s articles. The initiative to eBook Tun’s articles is to facilitate chedet fans to download this book read and study it offline for historical reflection. For certain this eBook is written by Tun and the Rakyat that shared his aspirations and valuable insight into the Malaysian life for the last 6 years.


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