MDLogo198x80Mutual Digital(MD)  used to a Telco Value Added Service Provided(VASP) embarked on this 3g Mobile content distribution business in 2004 with investment of  RM200,000 with the objective of doing R&D on the application of 3g technology to enhance the present 2g technology mobile services. The purpose is to be ahead of the competition when 3g really take off in Malaysia in 2005 onward. For that MD was granted ASP Class C License in September 2005 by MMCM when they decided to regulate the industry. MD focused on Content Distribution.

Today we had downsized as result of project completions  and focus on integration, hosting and eCommerce. For eCommerce we focus on development and aggregation and selling of eBooks and Used Books.

I have collections of old books that I need to put on sale via this site. It is still under development and watch for further announcement.




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